Frederic Stunkel

For over a decade, Frederic Stunkel has been an unwavering force in the

ever-evolving landscape of Melodic Techno. Hailing from Ulm, this seasoned

maestro has carved a distinguished niche in the music industry, leaving an

indelible mark on clubs and festivals across Germany and Europe.


Frederic Stunkel embarked on this sonic journey more than ten years ago,

and since then, the pulse of their music has reverberated through the hearts

of electronic music enthusiasts. From the intimate underground clubs of Ulm,

Berlin, Munich & Hamburg to the grand stages of Europe's most celebrated

festivals, Frederic Stunkel has cultivated a reputation as a masterful architect

of sound, crafting sets that transcend mere entertainment and plunge

audiences into a realm of melodic enchantment.


The discography of Frederic Stunkel reads like a roadmap through the

evolution of Melodic Techno. With releases on renowned labels such as Filth

On Acid, Jannowitz, and Trapez, Frederic Stunkel has consistently pushed

the boundaries of the genre, earning accolades and respect from peers and

fans alike. The tracks are a testament to the artist's ability to balance the

ethereal with the visceral, creating a harmonious blend that resonates with a

diverse audience.






But Frederic Stunkel is not merely a studio virtuoso he are equally revered

for their prowess as a live performer. The stage becomes a canvas for

Frederic Stunkel's sonic brushstrokes, and the audience, willing participants

in a symphony of rhythm and melody. The energy exchange between artist

and crowd is palpable, creating an immersive experience that transcends the

traditional boundaries of performer and spectator.


Having graced the stages of iconic clubs and festivals across Germany and

Europe, Frederic Stunkel has become a fixture in the continent's electronic

music landscape. The dance floors of Berlin, Ibiza, and beyond have

pulsated to the beats of his compositions, creating memories that linger in

the collective consciousness of the electronic music community.


As Frederic Stunkel enters the next chapter of a career that spans more than

a decade, the journey continues to unfold. With a legacy built on innovation,

a discography that resonates with the heartbeat of the techno scene, and a

live performance prowess that captivates audiences, Frederic Stunkel

remains a beacon for those who seek not just music but an immersive and transformative experience through the power of Melodic Techno. 






Especially never to be on the same point, is what accompanies him from the beginning in his DJ career, constant improvements and changes of his performance are the demands on himself. So you can be excited what will happends next.